BayB Brand Bean Bags ... why every baby should have one!

BayB Brand Bean Bags ... why every baby should have one!

Every baby should have a BayB Brand Bean Bag. They are stylish, light weight, & provide several health benefits including reducing Flat Head Syndrome & GERD. We aren't just bragging about our products, it's true!

Researchers have long sought an answer to two main problems that young babies face today.  Flat Head Syndrome and GER/GERD - otherwise referred to as acid reflux. The BayB Brand Bean Bag helps reduce both of these issues and we'd like to tell you why. 

Flat Head Syndrome is caused by the baby laying flat on their backs for too long. Although this is the recommended sleeping position for any infant, prolonged time on their backs can cause the skull to become misshaped and "flat" on the back side.  And that's why the design of the BayB Brand Bean Bag is so unique and beneficial to young babies.  The elevated head position, and the combination of the soft fleece-like cover and shapable filling allow a parent to position their wee one to take pressure off the back of their heads. Please note however, we do not recommend allowing your baby to rest unattended while using this product. Every baby should sleep in a crib at night.

Another great benefit to using the BayB Brand Bean Bag is that with the elevated posture it places them in, it helps reduce GER (Gastroesophageal Reflux).  GER or acid reflux is caused by the acidic contents of the babies stomach coming back into the esophagus after eating.  By using the BayB Brand Bean Bag, it positions the baby in a way to help keep the saliva and stomach acids where they belong - in the babies stomach. Again, much like with Flat Head Syndrome, the benefit of the BayB Brand Bean Bag is that is allows a parent to position the baby in a way to raise their head and torso slightly after feeding by manipulating the contents of the bean bag to adjust the angle the baby is laying at.

Pretty cool huh?

Still not convinced?? Here are some reviews we have received from our loyal customers.


Such a cool concept. Baby gets a comfortable place to lay while mommy gets piece of mind knowing baby is safe and secure. One of my favorite things about this lounger is that the surface is soft therefor I do not have to worry about flat head (most baby products have such minimal cushioning making flat head a worry of mine) We absolutely love our bean bag chair!! It's super light weight, easy to carry around the house or take along on family trips. The fabric is very soft and can be easily hand washed or wiped down. There are a ton of cute prints to pick from depending on your style. We went with the black and white polka dot. It's a super trendy unisex pattern. Every time we put our little guy down on the bean bag he is all smiles. My 20 month old loves to sit beside the lounger and keep baby company - and even enjoys to lay back on it when baby isn't using it. I totally recommend the bean bag - it would make a wonderful shower gift for any new parents or even for the parents who already have everything!!

KRISTIN O wrote:

This product is great. First of all, it comes filled. Many of the baby bean bags on the market are not filled, beware. It is light as a feather, so we can carry my daughter and the beanbag at the same time. (Don't want to wake a sleeping baby). The pink cover is very soft against the baby's skin and don't irritate. Plus, the soft pink cover is removable for washing (we all know blowouts do happen). It is made from high quality materials, so I am not afraid that it is going to fall apart. Overall, you can't go wrong with this product. I highly recommend.

SANDY W wrote:

I absolutely love the BayB bean bag! Quality is great and my granddaughter loves it! Great purchase! I would highly recommend!

So as you can see ... not only do we think we have a great product, but so do so many happy parents and grandparents!

Still not convinced? Really?  Well then maybe this will help. Through the month of February, use discount code WINTER20 to get 20% off your entire order at  Not only do we carry the BayB Brand Bean Bag, but we also have an exclusively line of carseat canopies, stroller canopies and liners, and many more great products!



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