The Evolution of BayB Brand

The Evolution of BayB Brand

BayB Brand products started out as a way for two co-workers, from opposite parts of the country to make a little extra cash in their "spare" time.  Neither well versed in the ways of online commerce, we set out with a goal to make a company that would allow us to eventually quit our day jobs, and become self employed.

The idea began in early 2013, when co-founders Matt Chambers and Reid Druck conceptulized the idea of starting a business. They had been kicking around the idea for some time about how to void themselves of the daily office grind, and start out on their own. Make their own hours. Be their own bosses.  It wasn't until Matt had met with a friend and discovered the world of online selling, specifically, selling on Amazon.  Soon the idea turning into a business, and that business started selling online.

Shortly after we launched BDD (Bald Dad Distributors), we realized that this was not just a get rich quick idea and if we were to make it, we'd have to find the right niche product(s) to make us the next Mark Cuban.  Within three months, we tried several concepts, but hadn't found that right niche.  Along come the BayB Brand Bean Bags. They were an instant hit. We couldn't get inventory fast enough the first two months. It wasn't all roses though. We learned a lot of lessons along the way - from sourcing product, to packaging, to shipping, and then customer service. Oh the joys of Customer Service!

Within three months of launching our BayB Brand line however, we were sold on the concept of making a decent living (at least part time income that is) by selling online.  In our nine months, we sold more than $180,000 worth of merchandise, and rewarded ourselves for our efforts. We planned out our growth strategy, and began sourcing new products. Realizing baby bean bags weren't going to be the only thing we could sell. We added car seat canopies, nursing scarves, and eventually graduated into products for older infants and toddlers. 

We were overwhelmed by our successes in year two, and saw more then 150% grow. But we knew we needed more if we were going to continue to grow our business. Until now, we hadn't even focused much attention on our own website. Relying solely on the eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more to drive traffic and sales. We began seeking new products, specific to our niche market still, but manufactured by others.  We found companies such as Bambella Designs out of Australia, and Corrine & Company.  And then one snowy winter day, we decided to switch our website from it's old unsophisticated Wordpress site to Shopify.  We setup our Shopify store in just one day (minus all the tweaks along the way as any good eCommerce company will do), and within hours began seeing a dramatic swing in traffic.  Soon all of our marketing was direct to our own site, and our profits jumped more than 10% in the first month. 

We're now two months into focusing on our website and couldn't be happier with the results. There is still work to be done. Always the perfectionists, we will not stop until we sell just one more bean bag or canopy or stroller liner or, well you get the point.

We encourage our friends, family, social followers and most of all anyone new to our company who is just learning about us to tag along for our next adventure.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to keep up with our latest product offerings and announcements. You never know ... we may just give an offer you can't refuse!

Thank you!

Matt & Reid




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