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Is BayB Brand Products Legit?

Posted by Matt Chambers on

You may be wondering what we are thinking with this blog post, but that question itself is one of the most asked questions and searched items on Google as it relates to our company.

So let me just say "Yes, we are legit!".

BayB Brand Products was the cultivation of several months worth of market research and product development by it's two co-founding partners, Matt Chambers and Reid Druck. Back in 2012, both Chambers and Druck were working together for a worldwide eCommerce company.  Both being new dads, and having a goal to someday be self employed allowing more time for family and friends, Matt and Reid set out with the goal to start their own commerce website.

With little knowledge of the industry, they set out to find the "home run " product that would make them millionaires overnight.  And although they are still trying to source that one product, they did stumble upon a niche market in the middle of 2013.  That's where the evolution of BayB Brand began.  As a 100% self funded start up, they saw an opportunity to start offering baby bean bags in an under-served market on Amazon.  With some crafty negotiating and a hope and prayer, they ordered their first batch of bean bags.  Within days of receiving the product from their supplier, they had sold out. More inventory was ordered, more patterns were designed, and within six months, the BayB Brand Bean Bag held 6 of the top 10 positions in it's category on Amazon.

The company was growing, and growing fast.  It was a challenge to find material suppliers that could keep up with our demand. The business once started in the basements of each owners home had now expanded to it's first warehouse.  And in the last two years, and outgrown two warehouses and a garage.

But bean bags weren't going to get either owner out of their 9-5 grind, and they sought out more products.  Adding hot sellers like carseat canopies, travel beds, diaper bags and stroller accessories. Product was coming in as fast as it was going out. 

That brings us to today - June 2016, having been in business four a little over three years. We've recently moved into our third warehouse and have brought on part time help to assemble product and fill orders.  We listen to our customers.  We respect that they are coming to us seeking high quality products for their infants and toddlers.  And we are still looking for more products that fit our little niche.  We'll never compete in the world of diapers, and baby bottles. But if you can find a unique baby product that isn't offered in the market, please let us know.

And if you're still not sure if we are legit ... check out the About Us and Product Reviews page.  All reviews left there are unbiased opinions of some of the top mommy-bloggers around North America.

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